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Official Government information, which enables companies to create business opportunities through the automation of processes for analyzing market demand, innovation in risk assessment, reconfiguration of production operations and much more.

Which is?

Electronic files containing statistical information on vehicles, license plates, circulating fleet, distribution of vehicles by region (city) and occurrences of theft and theft of vehicles.


Official information from DENATRAN's computerized systems and subsystems.

Benefits and Advantages


Official Vehicle Market Statistics


Digitize and accelerate service delivery


Know and mitigate risks


Assist in making business decisions


Security and Reliability of Information

How does the payment model work?

According to the file(s) contracted for receipt, a monthly amount corresponding to the table below will be charged. Even if the frequency of sending the file is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, 1/12 will be charged, month by month, of the total amount established in the Denatran Ordinance (Art. 3rd. item III, Ordinance 4.312/2019 of 04/ 10) corresponding to the prices of the services.


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How to hire?

The request for access to any data set in the Denatran databases must be requested directly from the entity, through of Electronic Petition via the SEI system (

Who can hire?

Companies authorized by DENATRAN, through a specific Authorization Term, published in the Official Gazette of the Union.


See Denatran Ordinance No. 15, of January 18, 2016. It establishes the procedures for accessing data from the computerized systems and subsystems of the National Traffic Department.


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