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Face validation with liveness detection within reach of your company .

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In times of crisis, collaboration is the key to success. And Serpro, as a driver of digital transformation, is concerned with cooperating so that companies and public institutions maintain their services with security and reliability.

Attention! ​

If you are an individual and want to consult your situation in relation to the Debt Certificate Relating to Federal Tax Credits and Active Federal Debt


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Our Differential

Its utilizese the Liveness technology that does not require the user to make movements for validation. Just get in front of the camera and that's it, the liveliness capture is done.

Passive technology brings better performancebetter usability and best user experience.

How it works

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Client APP or Biovalid APP

(photo capture)

Liveness test process

Facial biometric

Face validation result



Biometric token
signed with

certificate  and timestamp​


Validated users com 
security, regardless  of your location


Use of BioValid app (lower development cost) or enterprise app using BioConnect (greater flexibility)


The biometric base is the official government base, without intermediaries, minimizing fraud risks


Guarantee of security in credit operations for retirees and pensioners

Biovalid adheres 100% to the technical requirements necessary for the integration of the biometrics solution  in the process of granting a payroll loan contracted in the benefits paid by the INSS.

Learn more about Biovalid

Free trial

Biovalid's demo environment allows free testing of the solution. 

Technical documentation

Access our guide with all the information you need to integrate Biovalid into your company's solution.


Published on 07/2020

​​​ No membership fee.

​ No monthly subscription.

 Pay for consumption.​

 Progressive cost reduction, according to consumption range.

Preço (R$)
Faixa 1 - 1 a 149
3,69 / requisição
Faixa 2 - 150 a 9.999
3,19 / requisição
Faixa 3 - 10.000 a 49.999
2,39 / requisição
Faixa 4 - 50.000 a 99.999
1,67 / requisição
Faixa 5 - a partir de 100.000
1,42 / requisição

                                  How to hire? 

Make your registration and hire online, being able to cancel at any time, without fees or fines. Access release is immediate. ​


Use it free* for up to 30 days or until you reach 3,000 queries. ​* Within this period or the consultation limit, the contract can be canceled at no cost, if it exceeds, the service will be charged.

     Who can use


Who can use?

Public, private and class entities.

Ideal for:

  • Financial Institution

  • car rental companies

  • Applications

  • Airlines

  • Insurers

  • e-Commerce

  • Technology Companies

  • Retail Companies

  • And many others!

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