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Connect to the Internal Revenue's computerized systems according to the law! Pay attention to the deadline

Which is?

It is the long-distance network service, located in a bonded facility, to serve RFB users operating in this environment, which allows access to their corporate systems to carry out customs services.

The network is designed to support a high volume of data traffic with security, high resilience and maximum availability, suitable for the highest levels of service, in accordance with the technical standards and specifications established by the RFB.


According to Executive Declaratory Act RFB/Cotec No. 2, of 2019 , administrators of customs facilities in operation must implement the technological infrastructure by 12/31/2019 , in order to continue operating.

The implementation must comply with the standards, technical specifications and procedures defined in the Executive Declaratory Act RFB/Cotec No.1, of 2019 .

Screenshot_2020-04-07 Conexão EADI – Ser

How it works?

The Connection of Attached Networks service includes the Backbone segment (central infrastructure designed to support large data traffic) and the last mile circuit segment (dedicated circuit that connects the customer's local network to Serpro's backbone).

It can be marketed in two ways:

Screenshot_2020-04-07 Conexão EADI – Ser

* Version offered to customers who already have their own circuit and do not wish to hire SERPRO's last mile circuit. In this case, the circuit must be submitted to a compatibility assessment, in addition to exempting SERPRO from any penalties for unavailability or actions with the providers of this circuit.

Screenshot_2020-04-07 Conexão EADI – Ser

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