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Senatran Online Consultation

Information on vehicles, drivers and violations with security and reliability, directly from Senatran's bases, in real time.

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Consult transit information directly at the source, without intermediaries

Select the categories below and learn about all available queries.

  • Infraction by driver CPF

  • Infringement by license plate and liability

  • Infringement by owner

  • Infringement by owner, license plate and renavan

  • CNH registration infringement


See here the details of each query

Infringement Consultation

  • Conductor consultation by CPF

  • Driver by CPF and CNH registration number

  • Driver by CNH registration

  • Validate CNH by CPF, registration and security number

Visualização do painel do carro

See here the details of each query

Driver Consultation

See the details of each query here

See the details of each query here

  • Communication sale vehicle by owner, license plate and renavam

  • Alarm indicator per board

  • Judicial restriction indicator per chassis

  • Judicial restriction indicator per plate

  • Chassis theft and robbery indicator

  • Theft and theft indicator per license plate

  • Vehicle recall by chassis

  • Renajud actives per card

  • Renajud active by plate and revamped

  • Theft theft alarm vehicle by chassis

  • Theft theft alarm vehicle by license plate

  • Validate CRV by owner, license plate, renavam and security code

  • exchange vehicle

  • vehicle by chassis

  • vehicle by engine

  • Vehicle per license plate

  • Vehicle by Owner

  • Vehicle by Owner, Chassis and Reinvam

Trânsito na Avenida Paulista

Vehicle Consultation

See here the details of each query


Guarantee of information integrity and high service performance

Access to updated data in real time, without intermediaries

Simple and centralized environment for the  agile information integration

More security in vehicle-related transactions

How to hire

The Senatran Online Consultation is available to legal entities that obtain access approval by Senatran.

To request access, it is necessary to meet the  requirements of Ordinance No. 015-2016 of Senatran .

Step 1

The interested party sends an access authorization application¹ to Senatran, in person or electronically through the Electronic Information System (SEI). Once approved, Senatran publishes the authorization term in the Federal Official Gazette.

¹The requirements for providing access to the systems can be consulted in Senatran's Ordinance No. 015-2016.

Step 2

The interested party contracts the service with Serpro. It is necessary to fill out the adhesion contract and present the digital equipment certificate.

Step 3

Initially, access to the approval environment is released. And, after signing the contract, access in the production environment is enabled.

​ Access to the approval environment is free! Only after the first access in production does the charge for the service begin.


Prices are defined according to the type of consultation (Basic, Indicators or Detailed) and consumption range, regardless of the type of service (Consultation Driver, Vehicle or Violation)

tabela ingles.PNG
Volumes (transações eletrônicas)
Consulta Básica
Consulta com Indicadores
Consulta Detalhada
Consulta com imagem
Faixa 6
Acima de 1.000.000
R$ 0,28
R$ 0,46
R$ 0,65
R$ 0,82
Faixa 5
600.001 a 1.000.000
R$ 0,45
R$ 0,55
R$ 0,79
R$ 1,38
Faixa 4
300.001 a 600.000
R$ 0,51
R$ 0,65
R$ 0,92
R$ 1,52
Faixa 3
100.001 a 300.000
R$ 0,59
R$ 0,74
R$ 1,01
R$ 1,76
Faixa 2
50.001 até 100.000
R$ 0,65
R$ 0,81
R$ 1,16
R$ 1,95
Faixa 1
Até 50.000
R$ 0,74
R$ 0,89
R$ 1,31
R$ 2,22

* Os preços são definidos de acordo PORTARIA SENATRAN Nº 1.730 de 28 de dezembro de 2022.

Laptop e celular

How to Sign up

If you already have Senatran's access authorization, fill in the form below and a sales consultant will contact you to start contracting the service

Thanks for sending! We will get back to you soon!

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