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Vehicle Sales Electronic Communication - CVe

Online consultation services to data from the RENAVAM transit system, belonging to DENATRAN, carried out through direct communication in the system.

Which is?

This solution will enable notary offices to provide motor vehicle owners with the service that is currently provided by brokers and owners: consult, register, transfer, notify interested parties. In addition, notary offices may also issue sales communication reports to Detran's, thus streamlining the provision of public service. Notaries can register, cancel and consult electronic communication of vehicle sales.

Benefits and Advantages


Assists in making business decisions


Reliability of information


Information security

How does the payment model work?

The price of the service follows DENATRAN Ordinance No. 215/2016, updated according to Denatran Ordinance 4312/2019 .



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How to hire?

Notary Entities authorized by DENATRAN consent and wishing to hire Serpro to use this CV-e service must use ICOM via Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the RENAVAM base through the Middleware GCOM/ICOM located in the São Paulo region, and Renavan notifies the Detran's.


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