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Os dados de um teclado sensível ao toque

Looking for a way to automate your accounting office?

"Integra Contador" is a platform that provides services aimed at the accounting and tax market, including accounting offices and other companies in the accounting field, optimizing the provision of services to taxpayers.

Which is

The solution enables massive and direct access to taxpayer data, respecting tax secrecy and GDPR issues.

For this, it uses APIs that optimize the delivery of accounting and tax services to taxpayers, allowing robotic access to services.

How it works

  • Once the use of the platform has been contracted, the set of services will be made available, and the contracting party may consume each service individually, according to their needs.

  • For services that require a digital power of attorney from the taxpayer, the access permission to the service used must be carried out with the electronic power of attorney system of the e-CAC Portal. If this relationship exists, the system will allow the request to be made. Otherwise, a message will be displayed stating that the request was not allowed.

Laptop e celular
  • Requisition applicants who have contracted the product, but do not have a power of attorney from the taxpayer (eg software-houses) and wish to perform a service on behalf of the attorney (eg accounting offices), must send an XML document digitally signed by the proxy, through an auxiliary proxy authentication service.

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Benefits and Advantages


Massive access to taxpayer data served by the customer

Compliance with legal deadlines with tranquility for the delivery of taxpayers' demands


Access and data availability at any time


Access to services legally and guaranteed


Faster execution of day-to-day tasks


Robotic access in the provision of accounting and tax services

Want more information about the service? Consult the technical documentation by clicking the button below:

Who can use the service

Integra Contador is a service platform (APIs) made available to customers who obtain access credentials, by contracting with the Serpro store, using e-CNPJ digital certificate, in particular for:

• Accounting offices

• Software-houses

• Startups of accounting services on the internet

• Banks, especially those focused on serving small companies in the Simples Nacional (SN) and Individual Microempreendedor (MEI) regimes

• Others interested in providing accounting and tax services for taxpayers


Available Features

Integra Contador's queries, issues and document generations will return data that are distributed in 24 functionalities:

Query Data
PGDASD - Consult Declarations
PGDASD - Consult the Latest Declaration/Receipt
PGDASD - Consult Declaration/Receipt
PGDASD - Consult DAS Extract
PGMEI - Consult Active Debt
DCTFWeb - Consult the Declaration Receipt
DCTFWeb - Consult Complete Declaration
DCTFWeb - Query the declaration XML
Power of Attorney - Get Power of Attorney
Voice Mail - Get details of a specific message
Issuance of Documents
PGDASD - Generate DAS
PGMEI - Generate DAS in PDF
PGMEI - Generate DAS in barcode
PGMEI - Update Benefit
DCTFWeb - Generate Declaration Tab
Sicalc - Consolidate Issue DARF
PAGTOWEB - Generate Proof of Payment
SITFIS - Solicitar relatório de situação fiscal
SITFIS - Emitir relatório de situação fiscal
Mailbox - Get New Messages Indicator
Postal Box - Message Consultation by Taxpayer
Generation Statements
PaymentWEB - Count Inquiry Payment Collection Document
PagamentoWEB - Contar Consulta Documento de Arrecadação Pago
PGDASD - Deliver Declaration
DCTFWeb - Transmit Declaration

Simple, Flexible and No Installation Fee

  • 100% online hiring

  • Postpaid billing model

  • Immediate release of access

  • Cancel anytime, no fees or penalties

  • no setup fee

  • The higher the consumption, the lower the unit cost.

How does the payment model work?

The payment is calculated directly in the range of the total consumption of the month.

Check the price list and consumption ranges below.




How to hire ? 

Make your registration and hire online, being able to cancel at any time, without fees or fines. Access release is immediate.

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