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The cloud workspace for your agency or public company wherever you are.


  • Virtual station as a service

  • Custom templates

  • Integration with local network environment

  • Operation and support of the environment

  • Standardization and scalability

  • Security and auditing

  • Flexibility in choosing the Operating System

  • Endpoints protection license included

  • Optimization of infrastructure investment

  • Access mobility


Why should you hire the Virtual Office in Cloud?

Because it simplifies the delivery of workstations in the quantity and configurations suitable for your needs, with mobility and security.


  • Encrypted network traffic

  • Monitored and audited environment

  • Segmented networks

  • Double factor authentication


  • Access via Web Portal

  • Virtualization of workspaces

Service package

  • Internet access

  • High Availability

  • Dual Factor Authentication

  • Environment life cycle

  • Software Distribution

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Segmented Networks

  • Basic Local Network Services


For information on how to use this product, access our documentation:

Contracting by consumption range

You will be charged by the sum of Workflow Sign in the month multiplied the unit value of consumption by range, according to the table below:

Por tipo de Organização
Informação e Análise
Operações de Governo
Soluções sob Medida
Privacidade e Segurança
Ambientes e Conectividade
Por Setor
Casos de Uso
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