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CBIO platform

An integrated solution with the ANP and the Federal Revenue

for validation of Electronic Invoices and issuance of CBIOs.

About CBIO Platform

The CBio Platform is an Electronic Invoice validation solution for biofuel producers and importers certified by the Federal Revenue Service for use as backing for the issuance of Decarbonization Credits (CBIOs).

The solution was developed to meet the National Biofuels Policy, called RenovaBio, which aims to contribute to achieving the established targets for reducing carbon intensity in the fuel sector, encouraging the increase in production and participation of biofuels in the national energy matrix.

How it works?


1. Certified biofuel producers upload the file with the NF-e keys and request its validation

2. The platform performs the validation with the Federal Revenue and calculates, based on the Energy-Environmental Efficiency Note contained in the Producer's or Importer's Certificate of Efficient Biofuel Production, the number of CBIOs to be registered

3. Through the platform, producers and importers are guaranteed a backing for the issuance of CBios with financial institutions

4. The registrars (banks or financial institutions that will issue book-entry CBIOs on behalf of the certified biofuel producer) reserve the CBIOs for those biofuel sales.

Important: The CBIO Platform only manages the reservation of rights to issue decarbonization credits for bookkeeping purposes. The credits will actually be issued by the registrars, in another environment.

Advantages of the CBIO Platform


Who can hire the CBIO Platform?

Biofuel Producers or Importers that hold the Certificate of Efficient Biofuel Production approved by the ANP.

Is your company not yet certified by the ANP? See how to make sure.

How much?

According to ANP's determinations, the values used for the unitary analysis of NFe keys submitted by certified and qualified issuers are:

  • 24/12/2019 a 31/12/2020 R$ 15,57 1.047, DE 05/12/2019 (DOU 6/12/2019)

  • 01/01/2021 a 31/12/2021 R$ 5,15 1.038, DE 17/12/2020 (DOU 18/12/2020)

  • 01/01/2022 a 31/12/2022 R$ 5,06 1.045, DE 06/12/2021 (DOU 7/12/2021)

  • 01/01/2023 a 31/12/2023 R$ 4,00 1530, De 21/12/2022 (DOU 22/12/2022)


"Analytical Panel - CBios Global Information"

Know how to hire

Contracting the CBIO Platform is online! If you still don't have an account with Serpro, create your account by clicking on the button below! Important: it will be necessary to use a digital certificate to complete the contract.

SERPRO service

Need help ?

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