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Software Defined Access Network

+ Economy

+ Versatility

+ Efficiency

Which is?

The WAN+ mode is a product that uses the SD-WAN (Software Defined Long Distance Network) architecture, which allows proactive management and secure connectivity over any data communication circuit technologies, traffic preference setting corporate and internet according to the arrangement of circuits and operating scenarios, allowing the optimization of the customer's network resources. It adopts the connection option that combines the dedicated access circuit (last mile) with one or more broadband circuits, with higher throughput.

Solution Features

The WAN+ solution encompasses proactive connection management, added services and secure connectivity under any data communication circuit technology, through the use of encryption protocols.

Allows the optimization of network operation costs, ensures high performance, security, availability and quality control. External access via the Internet circuit to the Customer's local network will not be allowed, except by mutual agreement between the parties.

WAN+ consists of equipment configured and managed by Serpro itself. The solution guarantees reliability in the exchange of data and information, facilitating secure access to the various systems and services hosted in Serpro and the Client's environment.

There are two topology options and the difference is due to the different combinations of circuit links aggregated in the solution. Transmission of traffic will be subject to Serpro's and/or Client's corporate security policy, according to the topology.

Type 1 topology - dedicated circuit and Internet circuit

Type 2 topology - Internet circuit

Type 1 topology

wanmais-1 (1).png

Type 2 topology

wanmais-2 (1).png

Why contract WAN+

WAN + allows your company or agency to build a high-performance WAN using lower-cost, commercially-available Internet access, enabling the replacement of dedicated WAN connection technologies, in part or in full.





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