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WhatsApp Business

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what is the service

The WhatsApp Business Platform allows medium and large companies to communicate with their customers at scale. In the context of government, it allows companies and public bodies to offer their services to citizens through one of the most accessed messaging applications in Brazil, WhatsApp.


The WhatsApp Business Platform API enables integration with chatbots trained for frequently asked questions and with corporate systems to generate requests, send documents and notify users of status updates.

WhatsApp Messenger

It's a free smartphone app

For personal use by individuals

Free messages to people around the world

Does not allow automations (chatbots or notifications)

not scalable

WhatsApp Business

It's a  free smartphone app

Ideal for professional use or small businesses

Allows one-on-one conversations from a single device

Does not allow automations (chatbots or notifications)

not scalable

WhatsApp Business API


It is a paid service that runs on a server

For companies concerned with growth in scale and user experience

Receive and send unlimited messages to users

Allows automations
(chatbots or notifications)

Scalable, it even integrates with corporate solutions (CRM, ERP, ticketing system, etc.)

Notifications have predefined volume and templates




Most popular app in Brazil

WhatsApp is present on 99% of smartphones* in the country, with 85% of users using the application at least once a day. 

*Panorama Mobile Time/Opinion Box Survey (February/2020)

Adherent to GDPR

The service is born adhering to the LGPD, as it only carries encrypted messages, it does not store them.

National government service

The customer will have Serpro's specialized service, through communication channels available for the services. No need to deal with Meta support channels. 

Ease of Management

Advice and complete management of the approval process for your account and your numbers on the WhatsApp Business Platform. 

Deliver the public service where the citizen is

Users prefer to connect with companies and public bodies the same way they talk to their friends and family - through simple, quick and convenient messages. 


Official WhatsApp Verification Seal

Approval of the official WhatsApp account seal for public bodies

Do you want to try it?

add number +55 81 89625632to your contact list and send a message saying 'hi' viaWhatsappor scan the QR code. The rest is easy!



What is the WhatsApp Business Platform? 

To connect companies or public bodies to citizens via WhatsApp, you need an interface that will mediate between your solution (corporate system, chatbot, or other) and WhatsApp users. This interface is the WhatsApp Business Platform solution. 

Is Serpro officially authorized by WhatsApp and Meta? 

Yes, we are a BSP, WhatsApp business solutions provider licensed to market the WhatsApp Business platform to companies and government agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels. 

WhatsApp Business App x WhatsApp Business Platform 

These concepts are often misunderstood: 

The WhatsApp Business app is a free application for commercial use that has advanced features for professional or small business use. 

The WhatsApp Business Platform is an API interface that allows you to automate user service using chatbots and integrate corporate systems to generate notifications. 

Which numbers are suitable for the WhatsApp Business platform? 

All landline and mobile numbers are suitable for working with the WhatsApp Business Platform, as long as they are not being used by WhatsApp solutions. 

If the number is already connected to the WhatsApp Business platform through another business solutions provider (BSP), it can be transferred to Serpro through a porting process. 

0800 numbers can be used as long as they are able to receive calls from human attendants during the validation process.Read more. 

What policy applies to companies or public bodies on the WhatsApp Business Platform? 

THEWhatsApp Business Policyemphasizes the protection and privacy of users, and must be strictly followed in the elaboration of solutions for the WhatsApp Business Platform, namely: 

  • Requirement of prior subscription (“Opt-in”) of the user to receive specific messages;  

  • Messages initiated by the company or body must follow a template pre-approved by WhatsApp;  

  • Number quality control is done through the user feedback achieved by the service;  

  • Data protection and law enforcement. 

THEComercial politicsgoverns acceptable use of WhatsApp Business products and sets expectations to ensure a quality user experience. This helps determine which business models are allowed on the platform.

Is it possible to send bulk notification messages? 

Yup. Although it is important to remember that bulk messages cannot be characterized as SPAM. It is necessary to have the user's previous adhesion (“Opt-in”) and it is forbidden to send unwanted or inappropriate messages to these users. 


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