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Reliable Information for Advance Credit to Government Suppliers

AntecipaGov provides information about the current contracts of suppliers of the Federal Government, upon their request and consent. Thus, accredited financial institutions can offer credit, via Anticipa Gov, with more detailed risk analysis, enabling proposals with lower interest rates and special conditions. In this way, the suppliers that need it will have cash flow contribution to continue their operations.

NOTE: The contracting of the product requires prior accreditation with the Ministry of Economy. Click here for more information.


Which is ?

It is a platform that makes available to public or private financial institutions, accredited by the Ministry of Economy, information on current contracts of suppliers of the Federal Government, so that financial institutions can use this information in order to offer credits with risk analysis more detailed, allowing for proposals with lower interest and special conditions.

  • Information about suppliers and their contracts will only be made available with their due prior consent and preliminary validation by a Government agency;

  • As a premise for using the service, the financial institution must be accredited by the Ministry of Economy.

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How it works ?

The solution consists of two modules: Receivables anticipation portal and the information services bar.

The AntecipaGov Portal's main objective is to allow the supplier to request credit proposals from several financial institutions simultaneously, allowing the comparison between proposals, thus stimulating competition, and allowing the supplier to choose the proposal that it deems most interesting.

The service barring provides access to information by financial institutions that use them to forward their proposals and register credit operations.


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Contracting the product requires prior accreditation with the Ministry of Economy. Instructions on accreditation can be found here :.  

Integration Manual

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Access to the demo




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Getting credit quickly with interest and easy terms

Simplified Operation

Automated process, with reliable information from Government agencies.


Transactions registered centrally in a secure repository


The AntecipaGov product can be contracted by Financial Institutions previously accredited by the Ministry of Economy. For guidance on how to perform the Accreditation, click here .

Suppliers who have contracts in force with the Federal Government, interested in requesting advance credit from Financial Institutions, will be users of the AntecipaGov Portal . To do so, they must register and request a quotation for a credit guarantee, via the portal, by means of an authorization term for accessing their data. In this way, financial institutions will be able to offer credits with more detailed risk analysis, enabling proposals with lower interest rates and special conditions.

To request access, it is necessary to meet the requirements of Normative Instruction 42 of 07/08/2021 .

Screenshot_2020-10-06 AntecipaGov.png

How does the payment model work?

The accredited Institution will be the contracting party for the solution, which will be responsible for the payment of 0.52% to Serpro of the nominal value of the credit operation signed with the Federal Government supplier.

   Operação de antecipação de recebíveis

Percentual de Operação

Faixa 01 - até R$ 300.000,00


Faixa 02 – de R$ 300.000,01 a R$ 1.000.000,00


Faixa 03 – de R$ 1.000.000,01 a R$ 10.000.000,00


Faixa 04 – de R$ 10.000.000,01 a R$ 100.000.000,00


Faixa 05 – acima de R$ 100.000.000,00 


Common questions

What is AntecipaGov?

AntecipaGov is a market promotion initiative instituted by the Ministry of Economy, linked to the Federal Government Procurement System (ComprasNet 4.0). It allows suppliers to use their administrative contracts, or equivalent instruments, as a guarantee to request loans and financing from financial institutions accredited by the Ministry of Economy (ME). Operations are carried out through the AntecipaGov Credit Portal in an agile, standardized, transparent and secure manner.

The AntecipaGov portal is the platform on which credit operations for the anticipation of receivables will be carried out. The portal provides information on contracts and commitments with the force of contract, and makes the connection between the supplier market, the Public Administration and financial institutions.

Who can participate?

Requests for prepayment of receivables are available to all participants (financial institutions or equivalent, accredited by the Federal Government), in order to stimulate competitiveness and, thus, reduce costs To participate, institutions must arrange accreditation and adjust their internal credit granting routines for full use of the AntecipaGov Portal to carry out operations. The requirements are established in IN nº 53/2020, of SEGES/ME.

Credit analysis and performance risk are carried out by participating institutions, which are free to operate in accordance with their policies. Risks are mitigated through bank lock and credit assignment mechanisms. Payments are made to the indicated accounts, if the supplier fulfills its contractual obligations.


What contracts or equivalents can be used?

The institutions will receive the payment related to the advances through the supplier's escrow account, directly made by the Government. In order to have access to the advance of credits, the supplier will have to sign a binding term of bank domicile (Annex II of IN nº 53/2020 of SEGES/ME). This account will be blocked for movement, in order to reduce the risks of both the Public Administration and accredited institutions. Payments are made to the account indicated, if the supplier fulfills its contractual obligations.


How to get accreditation with the Federal Government?

Information on accreditation can be obtained at

Where to integrate with the AntecipaGov Portal?

Accredited institutions must adjust their internal credit granting routines for full use of the Portal.
Technical information about the integration with the AntecipaGov Portal can be found here:

It is necessary to sign the Adhesion Agreement for the provision of specialized information technology services - AntecipaGov with Serpro, through the Serpro Store, by clicking the Quero Hire button.

Where to get more information?

- Normative Instruction No. 53, of July 8, 2020: -8-July-2020
- Normative Instruction No. 42, of April 19, 2021: -april-de-2021-314931763
- Normative Instruction No. 62, of June 28, 2021: -62-of-June-28-2021
• Ordinance No. 21,332, of September 25, 2020: 279708365
• Technical Documentation:

Do government suppliers need to hire AntecipaGov at the Serpro Store?

Government suppliers do not need to contract AntecipaGov with Serpro to request the anticipation of receivables. Only institutions that provide credit need to contract. For the supplier to make the request for anticipation of receivables, it is enough to access the AntecipaGov Portal through the following address: . Information on how to apply for advance receivables can be found here:

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