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Get dedicated access to your application, securely, quickly and directly, with Serpro quality and guarantee.


Which is?

Via SERPRO is a direct long-distance connectivity service, offered in three connectivity modes, which differ in terms of their technological implementation and price.



b-Cadastros is built on the Hyperledger Fabric - a platform for permissioned blockchain networks, defined by organizations that intend to set up a consortium, that is, it is necessary to be invited to participate in a blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric.


  • All communication on the Shared Registry network of the Federal Revenue is encrypted using the TLS protocol and with ICP-Brasil certificates;
  • All network operations are signed by the certificates of the organizations that are part of the unique structure of CAs of the Shared Registry of the Federal Revenue.
Physical or virtual server with the following minimum configurations:
  • 4 (v) CPUs
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 2 TB of Hard Disk, preferably SSD (in case of contracting all databases)

Participating Peer Hardware Configuration

Operational system

  • CentOS 7

Network Requirements

  • Internet connectivity with available bandwidth for the peer of at least 10 Mbps to receive daily updates from the bases via blockchain
  • Registered DNS and fixed public IP for the peer
  • Peer free access to Internet addresses
  • ICPBrasil TLS certificate issued to the peer


The interested agency must obtain authorization from the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil before contracting the service. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to receive guidance on how to apply for this authorization.


Connection Modalities

Os preços exibidos são aplicados para órgãos da administração pública direta que possuem imunidade tributária.

The Via Serpro service allows secure and direct access to applications hosted on Serpro, and can be made possible in three ways: Complete Connectivity Plan, Connectivity Plan and VPN Connectivity Plan.

Monthly Subscription by Database

Consists of the daily receipt of updated data from each contracted base

Product operation details, offered fields and other information are available in the product documentation .

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