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DATA REGISTRY is even more complete!

Discover the new query options.

Which is?

It is a service provided by Serpro to assist notary offices in meeting their obligations defined in the  Provision CNJ 88/2019, which requires notary offices to inform the Financial Activities Control Board of registered transactions that raise suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing.

The service then makes it possible for notaries to consult the data of individuals and legal entities directly in the official databases of the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

O que é



Enables integration for automated information checking.


Service provided by the official IT service operator of the Federal Government;

Reliability of information;

Minimizes the risk of fraud;


Ease of use, promoting greater employee productivity
notary authorities in their analyses.


The value per consultation is calculated by the sum of the consultations of all the registries. The more notary offices hire and use, the lower the value per consultation.



The service has the following information consumption possibilities :

  • API integration;

  • Single query per web page;

  • Batch query by web page;

  • User management by registry;

  • Validation of queries carried out.

Available queries

  • Individual Consultation: updated information on data
    of the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF)

  • Legal Entity Consultation: corresponds to the Basic CNPJ Consultation

  • Corporate Structure Inquiry: corresponds to the CNPJ QSA Inquiry

  • Company Inquiry: corresponds to the CNPJ Company Inquiry

    Input and return data can be consulted on the page of  Documentation of the Notary Public



The total consumption volume of all contracting registries will be computed to identify the consumption range. This sum must include all types of consultations consumed in the period calculated for each registry. The result of the sum of all types of consultations from all registries will define the global range to be considered in each of the individual contracts. The billing will be done individually for each registry within the global range identified in all types of consultation

Query ranges


I want to hire!

Stay tuned!

  • Cartório Data is an exclusive service to Notaries and Registrars, to officially consume information from the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

Access the documentation HERE

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