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Income Consultation

Consultation of direct income data from the RFB bases

The income query allows you to retrieve information on income received from a legal entity, taxable and non-taxable income, total assets, income from rural activities and rents received.

Which is ?

Consulta Renda is an information service that allows you to query income data online, providing reliable and up-to-date information from government databases and using the Data Sharing Authorization management.

Through the Renda Consultation service, it is possible to retrieve current income information from the Personal Income Tax Return (DIRPF) database, as per the consent of the information holder.

The information is: Income received from legal entities, taxable income, total assets, total non-taxable income, income from rural activities and rents received.

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How it works ?

The provision of Income Query information will be through API, similar to other APIs marketed by Serpro. The API build architecture is simple, known and internalized in the company.​ With the exception of the other APIs standardized for commercialization, there is integration with the new Data Sharing Authorization management solution, developed specifically for this purpose.




Reliability and agility in obtaining citizen's income data.



Greater security in qualifying customers with financial institutions.



Reduction of paper forms sent by customers to banks.

Want more information about the service? Consult the technical documentation by clicking the button below:


The Renda Consultation product can be contracted by Public and Private Financial Institutions.

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Pay according to your usage

Identify your price range according to your consumption volume. Then multiply the number of consultations by the unit value of the respective number of consultations in the month.

How does the payment model work?

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