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Looking for a way to consult data on individual income tax refunds directly from the Federal Revenue Service?

The “IRPF Restitution Consultation” allows you to retrieve information about the direct income tax refund from the Individual Income Tax Return - DIRPF delivered by the citizen to the RFB, in a safe, automated and authorized way by the taxpayer.

Which is

Consulta Restituição is an information service that allows you to retrieve refund information from the Individual Income Tax Declaration database - DIRPF online, reliable and updated from government databases, according to the validation of the data sharing authorization. previously registered by the Information Holder.

The information provided by the service is described here .


How it works

Information on the IRPF Refund Inquiry will be provided through an API, similar to others marketed by Serpro. As a differential, it integrates with the Share Revenue solution that manages Data Sharing Authorization, via e-CAC - Virtual Service Center for Taxpayers of the Federal Revenue Service.

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Benefits and Advantages


access to information

directly from the government


Information security


information always



Reliability of information

Want more information about the service? Consult the technical documentation by clicking the button below:

Who can use the service

The IRPF Refund Consultation product can be hired by public and private companies that have a valid eCNPJ standard ICP Brazil certificate.

How does the payment model work?

Pay according to your consumption.  

Identify the price range, according to your consumption volume in the month. Then multiply the number of queries by the unit value of the respective range.

Preços publicados em 03/2023 .

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