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The SERPRO Security Cloud

Keep your portal shielded, experiencing a simple and safe journey, taking advantage of the best in Cloud Security.

The GovShield Platform

GovShield is a robust cloud security platform that is fast to deploy and easy to manage without the need for dedicated IT staff or security.

Features such as firewall, WAF and DDoS protection analyze all traffic with minimal management effort, with no infrastructure overhead.


SERPRO CloudFlare Partnership

Serpro, in partnership with CloudFlare, one of the largest security and content acceleration companies in the world, together to deliver portal shielding, with simple and secure configuration. Thus, your portal will take advantage of the best in Cloud Security.​


Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the internet:

More secure, private, faster and more reliable

No need to buy or hire physical infrastructure , keeping your technology park always up to date in the cloud


Rapid Deployment

With just one DNS change you activate the protection of your website and/or application.

Easy to Manage

Continuous, human-free update of security rules and self-service portal.

Speed and Security

Make your services available online via websites or apps quickly and securely and be prepared for any seasonal surge in traffic.



GovShield Features and Features

Bronze Mode

Ideal for sites that require a basic level of security.


R$ 6.499,42 / mês*

BRL 6,143.70 / month

Additional Services

1TB for Bronze and Silver Mode

BRL 1,340.62 /month

* Preço mensal por domínio.

**imunidade tributária

Silver Mode

Ideal for sites that require custom security and specific features due to traffic volume 

R$ 7.932,45 / mês*

BRL 7,498.30 / month

Additional Services

1TB for Bronze and Silver Mode

BRL 1,340.62 / month

* Preço mensal por domínio.

**imunidade tributária

Gold Mode

In addition to the features of the other modalities, management is shared between SERPRO and client

R$ 21.399,58 / mês

BRL 20,228.36 / month

Additional Services

 1TB for Gold Mode

BRL 2,972.07 / month

 Anti Robot for Gold Mode 

BRL 43,144.87 / month

* Preço mensal por domínio.

**imunidade tributária


Technical managers of public bodies or companies of the three spheres (municipal, state and federal), request the tasting of GovShield with a complete report at the end of the period, free of charge, for up to 21 days of use.


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