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Metropolitan Network

Porto Alegre


The Porto Alegre Metropolitan Network is a service connecting customers to SERPRO through an optical fiber infrastructure. Planned to interconnect customers near the Federal Administrative Center of Porto Alegre with plenty of bandwidth, security and no costs related to rental of means of connection and local telecommunications operators.



The pricing of the service is related to the resources allocated and varies according to the complexity and size of each Metropolitan Network.

Business Model

The Porto Alegre Metropolitan Network's business model envisages the sale of the Basic Connection service and Additional Services:

  • Basic Connection:

    • 1 Gbps access to Serpro regional office in Porto Alegre

    • Dedicated port on access switch

    • Real-time and Internet connection management

    • Connection-related incidents and performance reports

    • 2Mbps for Internet or VPN access, for Serpro's ARLD service customers

    • Monthly availability of 99.9%

    • Delay to Serpro Porto Alegre of up to 50ms

    • Error rate less than 1x10-8

  • Additional Services:

    • VPN connection: Allows customers to communicate with their Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by Serpro, known as the Long Distance Network Access service – ARLD

    • Internet Access: Service providing access to corporate Internet bandwidth

    • Videoconference (Point and Multipoint): Allows videoconferencing between just two points of the Metropolitan Network or with several points spread across the customer's VPN, provided by Serpro, in the Long Distance Network Management service – ARLD

    • Videoconference (Internet): Allows videoconferencing over the Internet to destinations not participating in the Metropolitan Network or the customer's VPN

    • Access with optical adaptation: Comprises the supply of single-mode optical interface and single-mode patch cord11 with LC APC x SC PC connector, for use in participating agency equipment



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