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Master Data Management (MDM)

Robot Process Automation

data quality

Biometrics and computer vision

Natural Language Processing

Chatbot Platform

Predictive Modeling



Data Quality

Planning, implementing and controlling activities that apply quality management techniques to data to ensure that it is fit for consumption and meets the needs of data consumers.*DMBok V2


Data Quality Process





Data Quality Objectives


Enable through data quality processes so customer systems have data: 

Correct, Precise, Consistent, Complete, Integrated, Adhering to

business rules and Adherents to established domains.

Dimensions of Data Quality


During the Data Qualification process, these are subject to an evaluation on each  quality dimension (or criterion). These dimensions define what will be measured from the verified.

Case: Cadastral Qualification Project

With the objective of continuously improving the quality of the data of the structuring systems of people management, the PQC works in the continuous improvement of diagnoses, graphs and quality indicators.


  • Allow the public manager to have qualified information for decision making

  • Improve the compliance of the information that is in the systems so that, for example, it is reflected in fair payments to employees, retirees and pensioners

  • Protect the data subject, as a duplicated data for another person, for example, can bring burdens and responsibilities for those who manage the data and also for the data subject himself

  • Allow the manager responsible for the data in the system to have tools for monitoring the quality of the data so that he can adopt timely adjustment measures, if necessary

Case: RAIS - MTE


Serpro initiative, with the objective of mitigating project risks associated with Data Quality.

Data Qualification acts as another layer of security and validation for RAIS deliveries.

More than 200 diagnoses have already been carried out in a universe of 240 million records and the needs for remedial measures identified and applied during qualification guarantee greater security in the delivery of processing.

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Biometrics and Computer Vision

THEComputer visionconsists of making computers see, to gain a high-level understanding from digital images and videos. We can have several applications:

  • Object detection and classification

  • Identification /Biometryby image (Ex: facial recognition)

  • Pattern recognition and monitoring

  • Motion detection and estimation

  • 3D analysis from 2D images

THEBiometryis the analysis of physical or behavioral characteristics of people in order to uniquely identify them.


Case: Passive Liveness

Case Liveness Passivo.png
  • Passive Liveness – No movement is required for validation

  • Compliance with ISO/IEC 30107-3

  • FIDO accredited laboratory confirmation letter

  • Ready for:




  • Mobile and Web

  • Front and rear camera

  • Millions of monthly validations

Case: VCIT - Cognitive Validator of Traffic Violations

  • Identifies the car in the image​

  • Uses Deep Learning to classify the ​
    car by make and model (250 car makes and models)​

  • Detects the board and performs OCR​

  • Enables automation of more than 80% of tax assessment notices​

  • Hachure the windows, preventing the recognition of passengers

Case VCIT - Validador Cognitivo de Infrações de Trânsito.png

Case: Cognitive Document Validator

Cases Biometria - Validador Cognitivo de Documentos.png

Identify documents, detecting their fields and extracting information from them - making it possible to submit this information to government databases to validate the data

Case: Signature Detection

Case Deteccção de Assinaturas.png
  • Problem: High number of infraction notices without valid knowledge (approximately 60%)

  • Late identification leads to cancellation of the infraction notice

  • A computer vision model was created that runs through all the records and identifies those that do not have valid science - signature of the assessed person or witnesses.

Case: AIBIO - Biometric Ecosystem

  • Allows ingestion of large biometric databases

  • Processing and control of biometrics

  • Deduplication process - looking for possible fraud or errors in the database

  • Solution that allows you to receive a facial base and compare individuals with each other, looking for possible frauds

  • Centralized and trusted biometric database creation

  • Biographical and biometric consultation routines

Case: Biovoice



Welcome to)

User onboarding




authentication phrase

identified user

95% sure

biometric authentication

Results feedback

It is a service (API) that allows you to use thevoice recognitionas a factor ofbiometric authentication.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is a process through which a future outcome or behavior is predicted based on past data, this process is created from mathematical models and applied through Machine Learning.


Case: Crime Expectation Map 


Application of Artificial Intelligence with the use of a predictive model capable of classifying the expectation of crime in each region of the city and according to the date and period of the day, aiming at the mainly ostensible optimization of police work.

Case: Reference Price


Solution that uses Machine Learning to forecast reference prices for materials and services and identify the best time of year to purchase these items by public agencies.


Process optimization is a solution that maps the activities performed by organizations, enabling the identification of problems such as failures, low performance and possible bottlenecks, proposing solutions to correct and measure their results.


Case: CRIO - Cognitive Process Grouper


Scope:Through unsupervised learning techniques, group similar processes. These groupings can be weighted and must be carried in the auditor's backpack according to their working capacity.

Problem:Many equal processes being judged by different auditors - rework. Priority processes enter a queue and may miss the deadline due to the amount of work.

  • Optimize process analysis

  • Grouping of similar processes
    based on heuristics

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ - Similar theme

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ - Processes from the same company, etc.

  • Clusters are given work weights

  • Auditors support workloads

  • Optimize cluster distribution
    for the auditors


Geoanalytics is the use of location-based information (spatial or geographic nature) that are able to explain social, economic or environmental phenomena.


Case: Deforestation Alerts Panel


Through an analytical panel with a strategic focus, the panorama of Degradation and Deforestation Alerts in the Legal Amazon region over the last few years is illustrated, supporting analysis and managerial decision-making work.

Case: Deforestation Polygon


Through aggregation algorithms of deforestation areas, the solution is able to measure the speed of advance in each group of polygons and, with that, indicate which ones are active (ie, "live polygons"), making it possible to display them in an analytical solution to help the planning of environmental protection actions.

Chatbot Platform

Platform that provides cost and complexity reduction in the creation and lifecycle management of chatbots. With the use of Serprobots, the management of the development and infrastructure behind the software of a chatbot is abstracted. Everything is done visually in the platform interfaces. This makes it easier for stakeholders to configure and instantiate new chatbots quickly, making it easier to focus on what really matters, which is curating content and enriching a chatbot's artificial intelligence.

  • Consumption billing model

  • Visual interface for managing chatbots, without the need for code development

  • Abstraction and automation of operations and development (DevOps) tasks

  • Evolution and centralized maintenance of the technologies behind chatbots


Case: Serprobots 

serprobot incra.png

Ivo, Sol and Susi are examples of chatbot solutions developed by Serpro.

Natural Language Processing

It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that aims to process and interpret human language, so that digital solutions have the ability to “understand” what is spoken and/or written.

Examples of applications:

  • Classification and grouping of texts

  • automatic summarization

  • sentiment analysis

  • speech recognition

  • information extraction

  • Identification of entities


Case: Recommendation System


The Portal's recommendation system consists of improving the citizen's experience by offering digital services of interest, presenting options for services correlated with the citizen's search history.

Case: Approval of Medical Certificates

Case Homologação de Atestados Médicos.png

Problem:The approval of medical certificates of public servants is an expensive activity for the public administration, not to mention the time that is lost for the server to physically move to present the documents.

Solution:From the mobile application itself, through Artificial Intelligence, it was possible to perform the automatic approval of medical certificates.

Case: Standards in the Official Gazette of the Union

Case Padrões no Diario Oficial da União.png

Identification in the Federal Official Gazette of excerpts related to changes in rules relating to tax treatment for foreign trade.

Case: Composer of Petitions

Case Compositor de Petições.png

Petitioning assistant (elaborator of legal documents).

Problem:Repetitive activity that generates a large volume of work.

Solution:It provides initial petitions containing all the essential elements of the document, including the legal grounds that will be suggested according to the thesis.

Master Data Management (MDM)

Defines, unifies and manages all data that is common and essential for all areas of an organization.  This master data is typically managed in a single place or environment.


Master Data Management


MDM project benefits


Other earnings


Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Serpro's portfolio of digital solutions has increased with the arrival of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA solutions operate on systems simulating a Human operator: speeding up the execution of well-defined and repetitive flows; minimizing operational errors; maximizing productivity and focusing on jobs that generate greater added value for the organization.

Through RPA the work sequence, which is performed by one person, can be roboticized. In this process, all navigation, clicks and commands are mapped and organized in the robot's execution flow, and can be executed according to demand and need. Which generates greater schedule management, speed and scalability.



  • Scalable (better dimensioning. Can add or remove robots as needed)   

  • High availability (maintenance only / scheduled downtime)

  • Optimization and standardization of Processes

  •  Repeats Elimination / Mitigation

  •   Decreased manual errors. Avoiding unnecessary rework and expenses;

  •  Non-Invasive Technology

  •  Support in compliance and auditing. Robots can work with 100% assertiveness. And RPA can help uncover non-compliant interactions.

  • Robots can support the work of numerous people simultaneously.

  • Optimize team productivity. Freeing up cognitive resources for higher value-added tasks.

where to use

  • Where to seek to reduce error rate

  • Complex flows 

  • High workload 

  • Operator deficit / High backlog 

  • Lack of personnel for new activities 

  • Difficulties / Limitations

  • Flows with rules and/or exceptions with lack of standards

  • Complexity in handling unstructured data. Where it can be complemented with the use of AI (NLP, ML, image/voice recognition)


Robotic Process Discovery (RPD)

Uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to map and recommend processes for robotization via RPA technology.

The Discovery step occurs via monitoring the execution of the processes of interest (on the machines of the responsible users). In which data is collected for evaluation and recommendation by specialized algorithms. With subsequent acceptance and review by the business managers involved.

Identifies where there are bottlenecks in monitored processes and looks for opportunities to free up employees' cognitive time. Automating these manual and repetitive activities.


RPD benefits

- Find sequences or variations in processes that are not obvious to the naked eye;

- Identify the processes to be automated to maximize results;

- Take the guesswork out of identifying an automatable process, mapping how it is done, and designing the automation workflow.


Available services



It is a field that uses mathematical and statistical techniques to visualize data in an intelligent way, helping in decision making and generating knowledge for the business.


Case: Vehicle Panel 


The Vehicle Intelligence Panel is a Data Discovery solution that allows the user to extract information about the fleet of national vehicles manufactured since 1980. With the use of this tool, different business segments can examine the data to draw useful conclusions, serving as a support the decision-making process. It is a useful solution for automakers, component manufacturers, insurance companies, rental companies, distributors, logistics companies, among others.

Case: Toxicology Panel


The Toxicological Panel provides information related to toxicological test reports from the National Registry of Drivers and Eligible Drivers (RENACH) of the National Traffic Department (SENATRAN).

Case: Panel RENAEST 


ORenaest Paneldemonstrates, in an interactive visual way, a statistical overview of the profiles of accidents, victims and highways in Brazil, providing georeferenced views.

Case: Forest Products Export Panel


OForest Products Export Panelit is a tool made available by IBAMA to society, national and international government entities, in order to provide transparency in the Timber Management and provide a panoramic view of exports, with geographical distribution of documents of origin and forestry guides, by federation unit; as well as informing about the evolution of values, quantities, type of products/species of Brazilian flora and volumes exported over time, allowing the monitoring of export routes of Brazilian wood with indication of destination countries.

Case: Company Map Panel


OMap of Companiesis a tool made available by the federal government for those interested in obtaining monthly information about the company registration procedure, such as the average time to open, and the number of open and closed enterprises, including details on the location and activities developed.

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