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Serpro for Financial Institutions

A set of solutions for the challenges of the financial sector

Services that enable compliance, combat fraud, digitization of processes, customer boarding and much more!

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Digital Transformation

Unique services that accelerate digital transformation and maximize the impact of your investments.


Isonomic solutions for the various entities in the sector with reference products from  mercado

Serpro, together with Organs partner bodies, guarantees the isonomy of prices, conditions and access to services and solutions, preventing advantages to anyone, regardless of size or preference, a characteristic inherent to the provision of service with a public purpose. the highest degree of reliability and durability.

Services  adhering to legal regulations 

Serpro, as the Federal Government's main IT operator, delivers the most diverse solutions from its main partners, such as the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil, the National Traffic Department, the Ministry of Economy and o  _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Incra.

The operated solutions deliver unrivaled value to all those financial institutions that need reliable, perennial, legally provided, duly updated and available services.


Discover the main instruments supported by our solutions.


Discover Our Services


For  who needs digital onboarding

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For those who need reliable information

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For those who operate credit to Union service providers

For those who need to fight a  fraud

For those who care about Compliance

Solutions use cases for 
Financial market



Use Datavalid as a solution for customer Onboarding, with validation of biographical and biometric data, in real time, against official government information. 



Solution for carrying out the proof of life, to prove the identity of the citizen. Biovalid can be applied, for example, at the time of signing a financing agreement, checking the effective presence of that individual, in real time, at the time of execution of the financial operation.


Nfe consultation

The Electronic Invoice Project (NF-e) was developed, in an integrated manner, by the State Treasury Departments and the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil. This consultation allows access to the data of an NF-e issued in any state of Brazil in a centralized and complete way. Today, the NF-e can be used as backing for financial operations, allowing the safe realization of the anticipation of receivables.



Technological solution that, through the execution of an Agreement with the Federal Revenue Service, enables the access and use of data from this body, in a broad, safe, fast and direct way. The agreement entered into works as a legal instrument that regulates the access and use of this data, being the fundamental piece for guaranteeing the privacy of taxpayers.


Inquiry Refund

Service that allows the  cidadão  to authorize the Financial Institution to check with the RFB, the amount of the IR to be refunded and, with this, the Financial Institution may enter into an operation financial anticipation of this receivable amount, mitigating risks and reducing costs.


Inquiry Renda  and Inquiry  Invoicing

The RFB has defined official services that help Financial Institutions to assess the payment capacity of individuals and legal entities, always considering the legality of the operation and the security of the information delivered,  fully adhering to the LGPD information provided by individuals and legal entities to the RFB at the time of their Annual Declarations.

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