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For companies  of all sizes and different sectors of the economy

Accelerate your customers' onboarding

Reduce fraud and do automated and secure identity validation.


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Digital Onboarding
Reliable Data
Prepayment of Receivables
Combating Fraud

Digital Onboarding

What if your user could log into your platform in just  1 minute with just 3 clicks?


What is your CPF?



Smile for your cell phone camera



Fill in your data


Your data has been validated!!


Identification of the potential customer

Capture the biometrics of the potential customer

Getting customer data

Data validation


Your customer boarded your platform in a simple and fast way with high security!

Get to know Datavalid and how to hire


Registration qualification for successful onboarding of customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders

Reliable Data

Protótipo de design

Accessing reliable, justifiable and real-time data enables more efficient decision making

Collecting reliable data is a trend in companies that manage to grow 3 consecutive years

Outdated registrations prevent the realization of
healthier operations and fewer business errors

And how can I keep my company data reliable?

Escaping from gray market service providers, suppliers with outdated databases or even intermediaries is essential for the health of your company's data.

Use trusted data sources!

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Sanitizing data should not be a one-time thing. Best practices used by leading companies do this work continuously.

Treat data frequently

Structure your data flow so that your data is validated before being
stored in their databases.

Beware of lack of data validation!

How can Serpro help my company keep my data reliable?

Identify the key information for your business! Are they from a car? From a company? From a port cargo? Or something else?

See in our query library which ones offer the identified information. Go to the Business Intelligence Page

Contract access to data of interest, no setup fees, minimum contract time, paying only for consumption of official data.


Discover the Serpro Business Intelligence Platform

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Its function is to provide security and minimize risks, ensuring compliance with rules and laws, whether internal or external.

The main compliance case today is the General Data Protection Law - LGPD, which guarantees citizens rights over their data.

Companies that do not comply with the LGPD are subject to sanctions in accordance with the law, which can range from a   warning to a fine that can reach up to 2% of revenue, for violation.

Our GDPR solutions


The Citizen's Digital Privacy Management - PDC solution can help companies support the LGPD journey in their business, managing the Consent of their  clients, providing a Relationship Channel and a single Central Repository, for through an innovative platform.


The LGPD Educational Framework courses offer all the necessary knowledge for the safety in the treatment and protection of personal data of users and customers.

​The course content was co-authored by Serpro and Datashield.  Serpro is a reference in GDPR in Brazil and DataShield is a European company specializing in GDPR.


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Prepayment of Receivables

Prepayment of receivables is a line of credit that allows companies to advance the receipt of their sales, being able to receive in the present an amount that will only arrive in the future.

How can the Financial Institution be sure that the receivable exists to carry out the credit assignment?

Discover our solutions that can assist in the receivables anticipation process


By purchasing the Electronic Invoice solution, the Financial Institution can have real-time access, in a centralized, reliable and legally justifiable repository, of all NF-e issued in Brazil.

See how the Invoice Query Electronics can help monitor changes in NFe's

Financial Institution integrated with the NF-e Consultation API sends the key of a
note to get your data

During submission, the Financial Institution marks the note to be monitored, in this way all changes that occur in them will be automatically notified for up to 30 days

The Financial Institution can monitor the flow of notes and changes in real time for fast and accurate decision making

marca-AntecipaGov (1).png

AntecipaGov provides information on current contracts with Federal Government suppliers, upon their request and consent. Thus, accredited financial institutions can offer credit, via Antecipa Gov, with more detailed risk analysis, enabling proposals with lower interest rates and special conditions. In this way, the suppliers that need it will have cash flow input to continue their operations.

With AntecipaGov you have access to reliable information for advance credit to government suppliers


Segments that already use our solutions!


Commerce and Retail

Banks - Insurance Companies - Fintechs

Transport and Transit

Representative Entities


Combating Fraud

By releasing funds to a forger who uses someone else's identity, the institution is allowing that criminal to incur debt on behalf of a third party. In addition to the debt itself, there are also indirect damages, such as compensation for the victim and damage to image and credibility.

Anti-Fraud Flow

data capture

collect with authorization
of the person the data
cadastral and biometrics
of the individual

Sending the data

submit the
captured information
in one service one one
reliable database


Take the decision
smart based on
data sent

decision making

Carry out the transaction with
based on approvals
parameterized as
acceptable for business

Discover our solutions to help your company fight fraud


Registration qualification for successful onboarding of customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders



With "Consulta CPF" you provide your company with information obtained directly from the bases of the Federal Revenue, which guarantees more reliability, availability and performance.

Success stories in the fight against fraud

Car Financing Process

  • Buyer fills in the personal data to purchase the car in the store

  • The data presented is checked in real time

  • The shopkeeper captures a photo of the buyer and it is biometrically validated in real time

  • If the steps are successfully met, the sales process had data do  validated and biometrics checked, ensuring the deal.

Protecting Transport Application Customers

  • The driver, upon receiving a new ride request, has the biometrics collected

  • Biometric data is validated in real time

  • Passenger receives a notice that their driver has been verified

  • The passenger can travel safely, while the app validates the driver without any friction to the user.


Discover the Serpro Business Intelligence Platform

Services that foster economic activity, provide more reliable business relationships, safer processes and smart decision-making by enabling channels of access and integration to government information

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